Introducing the FreeDMake System.

FreeDMake is a revolutionary concept in 3D printing. Everyday people on our team designed the concepts of FreeDMake. The result is a 3D printing system for everyone. Most users can start using FreeDMake almost immediately without hours of studying and consulting documentation.

The FreeDMake system starts with the printer, based on a proven open-source design, with our own enhancements for stability and quality of results. The printer is engineered for reliability and for years of trouble-free operation.

Our FreeDMake app completes the system. Available for iOS and Android, the FreeDMake app lets anyone design sophisticated 3D shapes for immediate printing, without any knowledge of complex, expensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

The Magic Starts with the FreeDMake App.

You start creating with a design. How? With FreeDMake. It’s the name of our mobile design app, available for all Android and iOS devices.

3D design used to be very difficult, and required complicated, expensive, time-consuming software that runs only on workstations. Until now. The FreeDMake App provides a rich, easy and fun-to-use design environment for building designs. Anyone — even children — can use a phone, tablet or phablet to create richly detailed 3D objects, anywhere, any time.

The FreeDMake App works just like the game applications you love on social media. But unlike virtual farms or cities, you create reality with FreeDMake. FreeDMake has nine all-purpose building blocks that you drag and rotate to build your creation on the screen of your mobile device. And you see exactly what you’re going to print. You can view your creation from any angle within the app, without waiting, and without wasting printing filament.

When your design is ready, just send the design to your printer from your device using the built-in Wi-Fi and start making your idea real.

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